Why Hire a Proofreader?

There is no substitute for a fresh set of eyes when reviewing your work for publication, submission or launch.

When you are writing —particularly for a deadline— it is difficult to step away from the process enough to see awkward areas and mistakes in prose.

Whether it is a manuscript for publication, an online article, a grant submission or press release, I will ensure your work is finished, error-free and professional. This grants you peace of mind, to know that you will not be facing costly delays or reprints, and you can be confident your voice will be taken seriously.

Copyediting is a thorough line-by-line review of the text to cut down on wordiness and tightens the language to create a more enjoyable read. Inconsistencies in the text, fragmented or too-long sentences, verb tense agreement, and transitions that take away from the rhythm of your prose are highlighted and suggested corrections are made. This generally involves more back-and-forth communication, and comments may include several suggestions for how to resolve an issue. Particularly for self-publishers, this stage is invaluable.

Proofreading is the final word-by-word check. This is the last review for typos, formatting issues, spelling or punctuation mistakes, incorrect citations or links. There is no rewriting done at this stage; any remaining errors will be highlighted and sent back to you.

Let your writing speak clearly and professionally, to make your voice be most effectively heard.

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